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Cracking the Case of Low Back Pain: 10 Culprits and How Chiropractic Care Can Help (Dr. Siddique, Accurate Chiropractic Care - Lombard, IL)

Lower back pain is a common enemy, plaguing millions of people worldwide. It can strike suddenly, leaving you doubled over in discomfort, or develop gradually, becoming a constant dull ache. But what exactly causes low back pain?

Understanding the culprit behind your back woes is the first step towards finding relief. Here at Accurate Chiropractic Care in Lombard, IL, Dr. Oowais Siddique wants to empower you with knowledge. Let's explore ten common causes of low back pain:

  1. Muscle Strain or Sprain: Overuse, improper lifting, or sudden movements can strain or tear muscles and ligaments in your lower back, leading to pain and stiffness.

  2. Degenerative Disc Disease:  The discs between vertebrae lose water and flexibility as we age, causing pain, stiffness, and sometimes nerve compression.

  3. Sciatica:  Irritated or compressed sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, causes radiating pain down one or both legs.

  4. Spinal Stenosis:  Narrowing of the spinal canal puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

  5. Facet Joint Arthritis:  Wear and tear on the facet joints connecting the vertebrae can lead to inflammation and pain.

  6. Poor Posture:  Slouching or hunching for extended periods can strain back muscles and ligaments, leading to pain.

  7. Herniated Disc:  The soft inner core of a spinal disc bulges or leaks out, pressing on nerves and causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

  8. Psychological Stress:  Stress can manifest physically, including causing muscle tension and pain in the lower back.

  9. Osteoporosis:  This condition weakens bones, making them more susceptible to fractures, including those in the spine.

  10. Kidney Stones:  Pain from kidney stones can sometimes radiate to the lower back, mimicking back pain.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

While the cause of your low back pain will determine the specific treatment approach, chiropractic care can offer significant relief in many cases. Here's how:

  • Improved Mobility: Chiropractic adjustments can help restore proper joint function in your spine, improving mobility and reducing pain caused by stiffness.

  • Pain Management: Adjustments can help alleviate pain by addressing misalignments in your spine that can irritate nerves and cause discomfort.

  • Reduced Inflammation: Chiropractic care may help reduce inflammation around spinal joints, promoting healing and pain relief.

  • Enhanced Posture: Chiropractic care can help you maintain proper posture, preventing future strain on your back muscles and ligaments.

Don't let low back pain hold you back!  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Siddique at Accurate Chiropractic Care in Lombard, IL. Together, we can identify the cause of your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan to get you back on the road to a pain-free life.

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